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We are on a Quest

Creating the best possible products in the whole streaming industry. Our passion for streaming and gaming translates well into this challenge as we constantly try to grow as a company and as people. An open feedback culture, agile working methods and the possibility to voice your opinion creates a productive and happy atmosphere, where you can really have an impact.
How we hire
Jonny Mayr, Performance Marketing

„Home office is possible at any time, interesting and challenging tasks, like- minded & motivated colleagues, an industry that I would also follow privately anyway.“


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Self-reliant, with a passion for what you do and a great team to back you up.
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We give you the freedom to create your own path.
StreamTV trusts you to be resourceful, responsible and take on the challenges that you will encounter in a fully self-reliant way. This gives everybody the opportunity to grow as a person and reach their full potential.
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StreamTV currently has more than 60 Employees join 6 different departments
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More often than not our Illustrations or Stream Designs are the first touchpoint for our customers with StreamTV. With that being said it's clear that our Design department is one of the most important parts of our company.

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We work on multiple projects through scrum teams. Depending on the team and project, we use a variety of tech stacks. Currently our main technologies include vue.js, php, flutter, c++

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Digital Marketing is ever-growing. SEO, SEA, Social Media, Inbound, Outbound. You name it, we do it - better. Want to join our team?

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Leading by example

Tom, Lukas & Andy are our founders and lead the way. They always have an open door/ear for ideas, feedback or the occasional small talk between gaming enthusiasts. Open Communication is more than just a buzzword for them. We take the time to communicate frequently and clearly. Only if every employee understands what we are trying to achieve, we can exploit our full potential. Also, projects are way more fun if everybody is on board

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Gaming Nights

Many of our colleagues are gamers. That’s why we organize gaming nights every two weeks. From casual to pro, there are games for everybody. Not a gamer? No worries, if you want to try it we will help you out, and if you don't, that's also fine.
How we hire
Jonny Mayr, Performance Marketing

„At StreamTV the cultural fit isn't just a recruiting buzzword. We are all on the same page and have similar values. And of course it's nice to talk about gaming during coffee breaks.“

Marco Brandstetter Employer Branding

Join our Company Events

It's important for us to have the chance to meet all the awesome people at StreamTV in real life. Whether you like conventions or team building trips, we've got you covered. Can we book your ticket?

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A little inspiration? We are not just a normal employer - we are gaming! Take some time and browse through our open roles. You will definitely find what you are looking for!

How we hire

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We value talent. We value culture. So if you are confident in your abilities and interested in joining the team, feel free to send us an application. Even if we don't have an immediate offer for you, we would gladly keep in touch with you.

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