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Remote work from the beginning

StreamTV has had a remote first approach from the very beginning. Today more than80% of our employeeswork from home. If that’s not your thing don't be worried, we have offices in Austria and Germany too.

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Austrian office
Remote work
German office

Communication is key

We use Slack and Google Meet as our primary collaboration tools. Knowing what the difficulties in remote work are, we fully understand the need for personal interaction and a fast paced work environment that addresses your needs and requirements. This also means that there has to be room for fun and emotes, a lot of emotes actually
How we hire
Bernhard Eder, Head of Product

„It is really cool to work alongside committed, competent colleagues and extremely satisfying to know my own contribution has a positive impact on their work.“

Bernhard Eder, Head of Product

We set you up!

If you don't have a professional home office setup yet, we can help you out. StreamTV offers everything you need to get work done. Just talk to us after our hiring process and we will arrange everything for you.

How we hire
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We want to talk with you!

We value talent. We value culture. So if you are confident in your abilities and interested in joining the team, feel free to send us an application. Even if we don't have an immediate offer for you, we would gladly keep in touch with you.

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